Summer Sessions, June Part One.

Kelyn & Ava


So a couple of weeks ago on the most fantastically summery sunshine filled day I had the most wonderful shoot for the most fabulous clothing company local to the North East here; Bessie B, take a look at her Facebook page, she designs, makes and sells the kind of clothes that make you want children! I was photographing the wonderful Kelyn and Ava while they modeled the summer collection.  It was the perfect recipe for a shoot; perfect lighting, wonderful location and two of my favourite models. (If you want to hug me after a shoot please feel free, but only if you're three foot tall with curly blonde hair.)

The shoot took place at a very green and fresh looking Gibside Estate. We started off in the Walled Garden and then moved to the Orangery which as well as being a beautiful building with a lot of history is absolutely stunning in the Summertime. We then had some fun running around the meadow in front of the Orangery. We all know how much I love a meadow.

Bessie B. will be at Gibside Farmers Market with me on Saturday 2nd July, please do come down and take a look. I can personally attest that her homeware is fire retardant. If you're interested in a Summer Mini Session please let me know!

Music Monday June 2016

It's  been a while since I did one of these and I've been in editing mode all day so I thought I would share todays editing music. It's a little country blues heavy this month, but I always find I listen to more country in the summertime!

Whiskey and You - Chris Stapleton

I love this guy. His voice just sends shivers down my neck. I've had this album on repeat down the studio for the last couple of weeks and I haven't got to the point where I want to stop yet. Bonus points for sitting back in my chair and letting his voice just flow right through you.

The Driver - Charles Kelly

Anyone who knows me will tell you that Lady Antebellum are one of my favourite bands. They make perfect roadtrip songs and perfect night in with a glass of wine and a book music. This album from Charles Kelly is wonderful. This song particularly relating all the characters you would see from a tour bus and the crowd.

Hotter than Hell - Dua Lipa

Something to dance around the kitchen too with a glass of wine in your hand. Kitchen Dance Party at my house.

Devils Backbone - Civil Wars

Something from a band I play on repeat a lot, also something I sing quite a lot.

Getting Ready to Get Down - Josh Ritter

This is just fun.

Travelling Alone - Jason Isbell

A solid late night driving song.

Only One (Kanye West Cover) - Daniel & James Duke

I remember these two lads from The Voice a couple of years ago, Daniel came out on stage in a waistcoat and specs with a guitar and I knew he was going to be my favourite. He blew me away with a cover of the Proclaimers and this is another cover of a surprisingly tender Kanye West song. I love this cover.

Run Daddy Run - Miranda Lambert and the Pistol Annies

I defy anyone not to sing this song for the rest of the day. Perfect bluegrass for the summer.

Hold Up - Beyonce

What's worse being jealous or crazy?

Hound Dog - Big Mamma Thornton

And the last choice is a little hint as to what my next blog post will be about next week.

Have a nice weekend everybody, I'm off camping at the end of the week and then a couple of exciting shoots at the weekend!


Katie & James

A couple of weeks ago on a very cold day in January I had a lovely afternoon of photoshoots with Katie & James and the rather cute Phoebe. We spent a short while, (it was VERY cold) taking photos in a nice relaxed family shoot. It was lovely to spend time photographing this family as nearly two years ago on a very sunny but very Scottish day in Edinburgh I also photographed their wedding!

Katie & James & Phoebe

Music Monday, 28th September 2015

The ear worms filling my brain this week.

1. Colder Weather - Zac Brown Band

I first saw Zac Brown Band in Edinburgh when they were supporting Kings of Leon at Murrayfield. We were right at the very back of the stadium, the nose bleed seats almost on the back wall of the building. The band had already started when we arrived but you could hear them clearly, the lovely tones of Zac's voice and that rising violin sound as we walked up the seemingly endless steps to our seats. Needless to say I was hooked and I have been ever since. Last week I had the honour of receiving some tickets to see them play a live session for Bob Harris Country on Radio 2.

It was phenomenal, about 50 people in one small room in Maida Vale Studios in London, what a privilege. Although me being a shorter person I managed to see every single member of the band except Zac Brown himself. His voice, and that of his band and backing singers filled the room so wonderfully though. So, obviously they are my number one for Music Monday today. This song is one that I absolutely adore, it just makes me feel like hibernating and disappearing into a warm room and reminiscing on anything.

2.  Baker Street - Gerry Rafferty

Possibly my favourite song, ever written, ever played, ever recorded. My mother is an absolutely massive Gerry Rafferty fan and I was raised listening to him. My step father is also a huge Billy Connolly fan (seemingly sounding a little like him these past couple of years, a Falkirk version rather than Glaswegian) and introduced me to the Humblebums, a perfect combination. But, this has to be the ultimate song to listen to. Songs don't have enough saxophone in them these days and fresh off my night time London wanderings this last week this is my number two pick.

3. Dunmore Lassies - The Chieftains

I spend quite a lot of time in the woods, I'm a photographer and on top of that the woods feel like my home, but last week I spent the day wandering a bit South of Durham towards the hills. I took my ipod with me and because it feels very autumnal now I chose my folk playlist. I don't know why I always choose folk music in the Autumn and Winter. Summer is for Country it seems; long hot days under the sun, warm nights with moonshine. Autumn and Winter belong to old man pubs, hot fires and watching a well practiced band play. This song evokes that in me, it's an instrumental that just pushes the music through you.

4. You can Call Me Al - Paul Simon

Ultimate road trip song, Radio 2 is our preferred station in the car and Ken Bruce was kind enough to play this as we got in the car last week, perfect mood guaranteed. Fact.

5. Seven Devils - Florence and the Machine

I will admit to not being the biggest Florence fan in the world, someone described her as being "an owl in a wind chime shop" to me once and that kind of hit on why I struggle to listen to a Florence and the Machine album in its entirety but this song I absolutely love. I think it's the gothic overtones laced with the simple melody. I find it slips into my writing, editing and studio playlists very often. Particularly when I'm working late night down the studio. Singing keeps the ghosts away too you know?